EASTERN BIOLOGIX has developed a top-tier network of medical clinics and labs throughout Romania, ensuring standardization and efficiency in executing business processes related to biospecimen collection, processing, storage and delivery.

We are currently focused on providing to our customers the following research materials:


- Whole blood

- Plasma

- Serum

- Red cells

- Buffy coat

In the near future we plan to develop capabilities to also deliver:

Tumor and normal tissue

- Fresh tissue

- Snap frozen tissue

- Tissue blocks (FFPE - Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded)

- Tissue H&E slides

Other bio-fluids

- Synovial and cerebrospinal fluid

- Bone marrow aspirates

- Sputum / saliva

- Urine

- Others (upon request)


In fulfilling our customer’s demands, our services include the following key elements:

1. Best practices in adherence to international regulations & ethical standards

2. Project life cycle management

4. Site monitoring & coordination, training of site staff, strict adherence to collection protocols

5. Pathology and histology reports AJCC 7th of TNM

6. Full cycle biospecimen management system

7. Cold chain solutions to guarantee the quality standards required by protocols

8. Packaging and tracked shipping for safe and fast delivery